When Hilliard City Schools received Straight A Grant funds through the Innovation Generation program, the district was on its way to establishing an innovative learning environment for students. The McVey Innovative Learning Center (ILC) is the hub of innovation for the district. It is built on the idea that the traditional way of schooling and programming may not meet the needs of every student.

ILC’s Director of Innovation Brent Wise notes, “We are harnessing students’ creativity and energy by giving them the avenue to pursue their interests and to determine what careers or college majors may be right for them.”

Through Innovation Generation funding, Hilliard created the Health Professionals Academy. The structured, two-year experience for students in grades 11 and 12 exposes students to a variety of high-demand, health-related careers, including: medical assistant, medical administrative assistant, health information manager, phlebotomist lab technician and EKG technician. The program is designed to provide a firsthand experience of the allied health career fields and offers students multiple modules and authentic internships.

“The fact that some of the top 20 jobs in demand in the central Ohio region are in the medical field, we knew this program was essential for meeting students’ needs and helping them gain a competitive edge,” says Wise. “Students are excited about the opportunity to get into a lab and work hands-on and acquire relevant, sought-after job skills needed to fill high-demand jobs,” he adds.

To help students achieve their fullest potential, the ILC offers students experiences outside the typical classroom setting. These experiences are in the form of dual enrollment, broadcast journalism, a teacher academy, career mentorship, a business academy and the Health Professionals Academy among others. To find out more, visit ILC and Innovation Generation.

Planning for College and Careers – A Hands-on Experience for Reynoldsburg City Schools’ Students

High school students in Reynoldsburg City Schools are getting hands-on experience in some of central Ohio’s fastest growing industries. The career pathways are helping students plan for their future, giving them a chance to earn college credits and career credentials while still in high school.

“We are learning real-life applications and I think it’s really cool,” says Maria Villares, a sophomore at Reynoldsburg High School. “It’s nice to work with other people and to collaborate to make one final, great project.”

Reynoldsburg City Schools offers career pathways in advanced manufacturing, health care, information technology, logistics, as well as in engineering, robotics, communications, energy, design and a host of other careers.

Sophomore Taylor Schroeder says he gets excited about his career pathway classes because he sees how it can help him reach his goal to become an engineer. “The work in this class supports my future in that we are learning processes, using tools and creating similar designs, which are being used in engineering jobs.”

Watch this video to hear more of what students are saying about the coursework in which they are engaging as part of Reynoldsburg City Schools’ focus on student success.

Highlighting Health Professionals Academy

The Health Professionals Academy lab at Hilliard’s McVey Innovative Learning Center is sporting a new customized banner highlighting the health care pathway it offers. The ILC provides students with a variety of coursework and experiences that present options for each and every student in the Hilliard City School District to learn and achieve in the best possible manner. The Health Professionals Academy is for college-bound students who are interested in pursuing a career in a medical-related field.

Resources Just For You

School districts participating in Innovation Generation have a number of resources available to help counselors, teachers and others communicate about the initiative. All the materials can be customized to individual districts. These include:

To request any of these materials, please contact us at info@innovationgenerationohio.com.

About Innovation Generation
Innovation Generation, a collaboration of 15 central Ohio school districts, is made possible by a $14.4 million Ohio Straight A Fund grant from the Ohio Department of Education. Innovation Generation gives students options to gain credentials AND earn college credits while still in high school. Each participating district tailors courses to meet the unique needs of its community and students, while highlighting the rewarding careers available in advanced manufacturing/robotics, business logistics, health care, or IT, some of the region’s fastest growing and most important industries.